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Zimbabwe lose " Minnow " Status at Newlands Stadium

by Ronald Bergman
on 13 Sep 2007
The Claremont Website
The Claremont Website

Last night, Wednesday 12 Sept 2007, we witnessed the loss of Zimbabwe's "Minnow" status in grand fashion when they beat the all-conquering Australians by 5 wickets. Those who were fortunate enough to witness the spectacle can only hope Bob will take a page from the Zimbabwean book.

After the first six overs, it became obvious that the Zimbabweans meant business - Gilchrist, Hayden and Ponting out for 23 runs.

No matter how the rest of the Australians tried, all they succeeded in achieving was a procession back to the pavilion.

When the Zimbabweans came in to bat, their professionalism shone through. Ponting threw all his expertise at them to no avail.

In the 4th over, Sabanda was the first was the first to succumb with the score at 28. Even by the 6th over Ponting had used Lee, Braken, Clarke and Johnson without any bowling success.

When rain interrupted play during the 11th over Zimbabwe needed 67 runs with 6 wickets remaining. After checking his notes Ponting was correct in assuming that his team did enough to win the match.

Zimbabwe however, was not prepared to succumb - with two balls left and five wickets remaining the batsman sneaked a four pass the ever vigilant Gilchrist to seal their victory.

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