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Zille arrested on the Cape Flats

by Staff Reporter
on 10 Sep 2007
The Cape Flats Website
The Cape Flats Website

Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance and also Mayor of Cape Town, was arrested on the Cape Flats whilst participating in a legal march against drug dealers.

When Zille was interviewed by the SABC, she said "The last time I saw anything like this was under apartheid when I was taken in."

They planned to walk to an alleged drug dealers house, but when they arrived, the marchers found that the dealer had been taken into custody. Zille then proceeded to the Mitchells Plain Police Station to find out why the police had taken this course.

She also said the police officers ignored drug dealers but arrested protesters, including the Muslim priest who accompanied them during the march. Her arrest had political overtones and she intended sue for wrongful arrest.

People in the communities are "sick and tired" of drug dealers who operate openly through the areas.

Zille said that it is a pity the police don't arrest the drug deals as everybody knows where they ply their trade.

She was released and warned to appear in court tomorrow for allegedly contravening the Regulation of Gatherings Act. Police refused to comment.

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