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City commits R20M to Grand Parade upgrade

by City of Cape Town
on 23 Apr 2008
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

While the City of Cape Town awaits FIFA approval for its choice of the Grand Parade as its premier 2010 World Cup fanpark site, planning is well advanced to turn it into a venue of which all Capetonians can be proud.

That's the view of the City's Executive Director: Strategy and Planning, Piet Van Zyl, who says that, with R20 million already committed to the project, Cape Town can look forward to a multi-functional venue that will be significantly better than what we have at present.

"The need for an upgrade was obvious and, in 2006, the City's Spatial Planning and Urban Design Department and the Cape Town Partnership started a public participation process that, to date, has included three public meetings and a public opinion survey." Van Zyl said.

The Spatial Planning and Urban Design Department then motivated and received funding for the appointment of a consortium of consultants to assist with the design and technical requirements of the proposed upgrade. Work started in late 2006.

A task team was elected to represent all affected stakeholders and, along with the City team and the consultants, began refining the concept plan. As work progressed, a number of necessary approvals were obtained from various bodies both from within the City's structures and external authorities.

With the final framework approved it was then possible to begin costing the project and linking the work to the approved budget. At that stage it became clear that the project would have to be split into a number of phases in order to meet the initial budget of R6,14 million for a three year period between 2007 and 2010.

However, the cost estimates of what the project team was hoping to achieve was R20 million and the Spatial Planning and Urban Design Department has now made the necessary budget adjustments to accommodate this.

The Phase 1 program will include paving, lighting and tree planting, and implementing the sub-surface technical requirements for hosting mega-events. All of this work will occur in the non-trading area.

The project team has always recognised that the remaining section of the Grand Parade - the permanent trading structure area - would require expensive and time-consuming demolition and reconstruction. This facet of the project is complicated because some tenants have leases that extend to 2012. No costing has been done on this phase as yet.

The phasing of this project has been determined by the City's need to have a functional venue ready for 2010. Furthermore, planning required cognizance to be taken of budgetary constraints and the need for an extensive public participation and consultation process with the traders on the Grand Parade

The next phase will first involve consultation with the traders on the Grand Parade on how best to incorporate their business sites into the final design, followed by the design and construction of the new trading facilities as well as a new ablution facility. This will be preceded by a widely advertised public participation program.

No parking will be allowed on the Grand Parade while construction is underway.

"We anticipate that the paving will commence in June and that this Phase 1 will be completed by the end of November." Van Zyl said, adding that the area would be enhanced in many ways:

* The bulk of the paving will be in a sandstone colour with a grid pattern of light burgundy and charcoal
* The colours have been selected to match the sandstone hues that are generally prevalent in the surrounding buildings
* The upgrade will include a network of CCTV cameras.
* "Stone Pines" will be planted because of their historical significance on the Parade (a condition of approval of the plan by Heritage Western Cape) - and also because they have a tall trunk which will not restrict the views of the City Hall, Castle and Table Mountain. As the trees are very tall at maturity and their canopies are several metres above the ground, they are not vulnerable to vandalism. The first trees will be planted on Castle and Buitenkant Streets
* The medium mast lighting has been specifically designed to make the Parade a much safer place during the night

"The Grand Parade has played a significant role in the evolution of Cape Town and its history and, in due course, consideration will be given to how this can be appropriately acknowledged and commemorated." Van Zyl said.


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23 APRIL 2008

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