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Murder accused refuses to testify

by Staff Reporter
on 22 Feb 2008
The Bellville Website
The Bellville Website

Richard Engelbrecht, who stands accused of the rape and murder of 11-year-old Annestacia Wiese has refused to testify in his own defence during his trial. Engelbrecht has previously confessed, but as he was alleged to be under the influence of a mixture of tik and Mandrax at the time, the judge entered a plea of not-guilty.

Engelbrecht's counsel, Patrick Loots, was given an adjournment to inform him about the consequences of not testifying. When the court reconvened, Loots told the court that despite the consultations, as well as previous ones on the same matter, Engelbrecht still chose to remain silent.

Engelbrecht's refusal to testify comes about a week after the trial was postponed due to his refusal to get into the police vehicle intended to take him to court. At that stage he alleged he had previously been assaulted while en route to the court. He has also alleged that police intimidated him into confessing before a magistrate.

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