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Najwa Petersen denied bail again

by Staff Reporter
on 11 Dec 2007
The Cape Flats Website
The Cape Flats Website

Najwa Petersen, accused of the murder of her celebrity husband Taliep Petersen, was denied bail for a second time in the Wynberg Magistrates Court yesterday. Western Cape Regional Court President Robert Henney however issued instructions to have her moved to a prison closer to her home and also for prison authorities to allow physical contact with her daughter Zaynup during visits.

Petersen was initially denied bail after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation by experts who found that her mental state was such that she could cause herself serious harm. At that stage Henney ruled that she was safer in custody and her bail was refused.

A second bail application, based on "new facts", was subsequently applied for. During the hearing, it was argued that she was not in such a poor psychiatric state and was able to look after herself and her young daughter. Petersen had hoped that this would bring about her release.

The argument alerted the court to the existence of misleading evidence, and Henney dismissed the bail application on the grounds that misleading evidence in the first application was sufficient reason. He further explained that the sincerety of an accused person in custody is of utmost importance in bail proceedings.

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